Terms and conditions

1st edition, December 11, 2021.

2nd edition, February 2, 2022. ‐ "Privacy policy" section updated after addition of two technical cookies to remember prefered currency and delivery region.

3rd edition, November 11, 2022. ‐ Added "Partnership with third parties" section.
‐ Readability improved: some passages bolded and minor changes to the text, without impact on the nature of the conditions

Table of content

  1. Acceptance of terms
  2. Scope of application
  3. Non-binding informations
  4. Conclusion of the contract
  5. Payment
  6. Preparation of orders
  7. Risks
  8. Transportation insurance
  9. International shipments (outside Switzerland)
  10. Delivery times and delays
  11. Taxes and custom clearance
  12. Warranty
  13. Order cancellation
  14. Partnerships with third parties
  15. Privacy policy
  16. Partial invalidity
  17. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

1. Acceptance of terms

These terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement between you, and Julien Rouiller, hereafter referred as "Altipoint".
If you do not agree to the terms, do not acquire any product nor service from the website Drive-for-Parts.com.

In these terms and conditions, "the client", "the customer", "the buyer" or "the purchaser" are synonyms to "you".

2. Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to all visitors of the website drive-for-parts.com, and more specifically to buyers.

The terms and conditions may be modified at any time without notice.
With regard to an order, the version of the general terms and conditions in force at the time of the order is decisive.

The parties are free to agree in writing on other terms, in addition to or in derogation of these terms and conditions.
In such a case, the provisions of the terms and conditions that do not contradict the agreed exemptions continue to have their effect.

2.2 Territorial scope

These conditions apply to all customers of the online shop, regardless of their country.

Our products target data recovery companies. Consequently, our sales are considered B2B (Business to Business).
Sales to individuals are allowed, providing that by purchasing from our website you explicitely agree that the country-specific consumer protection laws which may exist in your country are not applicable to the order.

3. Non-binding informations

As a rule, possible data entry errors related to the characteristics of a product do not give rise to compensation, especially as most characteristics can be checked by the buyer from the product picture(s) published on the website.

In case an authentic report (also known as S.M.A.R.T. report) is available on the website for a given hard drive, its values are not contractual. The purpose of the test report is only to give an idea of the hard drive condition. Although these values are representatives for most hard drives, values like the number of power cycle counts, hours use, number of bad or weak sectors (if any), may not be up to date.

4. Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded with Altipoint as soon as the customer has paid his order.

5. Payment

The customer can use the payment methods offered in the online store.
In case an instant payment method is used (credit cards, PayPal account, etc.), the debit takes place at the time of the order.

5.1 Currency exchange rates

In case you pay in a currency other than CHF (Swiss franc), you accept the prices as displayed in the currency that you selected, and implicitely the exchange rate that was applied to perform the currency conversion. We update the exchange rates about once a month, and set them somewhere between the average monthy exchange rates published by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration as published here and the ones from xe.com. You can safely consider our exchange rates as very fair.

5.2 Retention of ownership

The ordered products remain the property of Altipoint until they are fully paid.

6. Preparation of orders

Orders are only prepared once fully paid.

Altipoint ships products with a packaging that is adapted to the nature of the order being shipped in order to protect the content effectively.

7. Risks

The risk of loss or damage during the transportation is transfered to the buyer at the time the shipment being sent. (See also next chapter "Transportation insurance".)

The risk that the condition of a product could no longer corresponds to its description is covered by Altipoint until the time of shipment.
Example: If a hard drive that was described as working fails by the final check just before shipment, the product is refunded. (see chapter « Order cancellation » for details.)

For working hard drives with a SATA or USB interface and if times permit Altipoint generates a final test report the day of the shipment, unless the hard drive is new and sealed.
Our final test reports on day of shipment facilitate a refund by the postal company in case of a damage during transportation.

If the condition of a product no longer corresponds to its description, Altipoint can propose cancelling the sale with a total refund, a replacement of the product, or a discount if the buyer remains interested in the product purchased.

All other risks, are transfered to the buyer at the time of purchase.

8. Transportation insurance

All registered priority shipments include tracking and signature on delivery.
They are covered by an insurance in case of loss or damage during transport, limited to the amount paid and to a maximum of 150 CHF.
Delays in delivery do not entitle to compensation.

If the customer explicitely asks for an unregistered shipment, there is no tracking, no signature on delivery, and no insurance. In such a case, there is no compensation in case of a loss or damage to the shipment.

9. International shipments (outside Switzerland)

9.1 Billing address and shipping address requirements

For international shipments (i.e. outside Switzerland), Altipoint requires the customer name being same on the invoice and delivery address.

Companies with branches or individuals are allowed to provide a different delivery address than the invoice address, as long as the name of the entity and fiscal state is same as for taxes, VAT, or flat fee to be paid on import.

9.2 Contact person and phone number requirements

For international shipments, carriers like Swiss Post require the name of a contact person and phone number with international prefix.
After your payment, please email us your phone number.
If you are a company, please make sure that we also have the name of contact person at the delivery address.

10. Delivery times and delays

10.1 Indicative delivery times

The delivery time of your order depends on:

  1. payment processing time: almost instant it the payment is between PayPal accounts ; a few days if bank wire
  2. order preparation time: up to one business day (Mon.-Fri.) for most orders. (Up to 48h in a few cases.)
  3. inbound shipment time and transfer to international mail: usually less than 24h.
  4. transit time: depends on destination country, but usually less than one week
  5. custom clearance time: depends on country ; generally 1-4 days
  6. delivery time in destination country: usually 1-3 days

Altipoint has no way to speed up shipment time nor custom clearance times as these are out of its scope.

10.2 Delays

10.2.1 Delay in preparation time

If a significant delay is expected or effective in preparation time, the customer is quickly informed and may be offered the opportunity to cancel the order.
A delay does not entitle to any discount.

10.2.2 Delay in transit time and/or excessive custom clearance duration

The transit times are those of the Swiss Post for registered mail (same as priority mail), unless another provider must be selected for some reason.

We do our best to facilitate a worry-free custom clearance, by filling correctly the CN22 declaration, by accompanying shipments with documents like the invoice and a proof of the transaction.

Sometimes, shipments takes longer than expected.
Customers can track shipments by entering the provided consigment number.
If some step is excessively long, customers can start an international enquiry.

In principle, a transit time and custom clearance time above than the one expected does not entitle to any refund.
From time to time, in the event of excessive delay, the Swiss Post may accept a partial or total refund of shipping costs.

11. Taxes and custom clearance

11.1 VAT for buyers in Switzerland

Altipoint being currently not subject to Swiss VAT, domestic buyers take note that they will not be able to deduct the VAT if they resell a product acquired on drive-for-parts.com.

11.2 Import taxes for international customers (outside Switzerland)

Any import costs such as VAT, customs duties and administrative customs clearance fees are not included in the cost of the products. They must be paid by the customer when importing the product. Generally, the company providing the delivery (typically the postal service of your country) takes care of collecting them.

11.3 Facilitating/accelerating custom clearance

If you are a company, you can email us your fiscal number and/or VAT number as they may facilitate and accelerate the custom clearance. At the time of franking the shipment online, we will enter this data for the CN22 customs declaration.
Providing this information is optional and at your free will.

12. Warranty

12.1 Warranty on the condition of the product

Altipoint guarantees that the product will be shipped with the condition described, that is either new, used (but tested), or with defects. Conditions are given in regards to the use of the product as spare part or donor for spare parts, in the context of professional data recovery. For instance, a hard drive with weak or bad sectors is often described as "Almost ok" as in the context of data recovery, it can still give read/write heads that are in good condition, but it would be totally inappropriate using such hard drive for data storage. By purchasing from this website, you agree fully understanding that the conditions of hard drives are given with regards to data recovery.

12.2 Absence of any other warranty

Products on this site are sold with the purpose of serving as spare parts (e.g. PCB), or donors for spare parts (e.g. HDD) and consequently, although often in perfect condition, come without any warranty.

If you consider purchasing a hard drive with the aim of storing data, although most hard drives listed on the website will do it correctly, you understand and accept that there is absolutely no warranty coming with the product (unlike if you were purchasing it from a normal hardware shop).

13. Order cancellation

13.1 Order cancellation at the customer's request

Order are firm and can in principle not be cancelled.

Cases of force majeure remain reserved, as long as the ordered goods have not been sent.

13.2 Order cancellation by Altipoint

Altipoint reserves the right to cancel a sale without compensation of any kind other than a refund of the amout paid.

Reasons for order cancellation are :

  • inability to fulfill the order
    which can be caused by lost or excessively difficult to find item, illness or personal injury preventing the preparation of an order, or any other reason that prevents shipping the goods or makes is excessively difficult,
  • strongly erroneous exchange rate,
    which can be caused by abrupt changes in the exchange rate during a month, data entry error, a bug in the code, incompatibility of the browser with the code, or any other reason,
  • strongly erroneous pricing,
    which can be caused by a bug or an error in data entry,
  • force majeure,
    e.g. strikes, riots, natural or anthropic disaster,
  • any other reason.

Altipoint does not have to provide a reason for cancellation.

13.3 Refund of a cancelled order

Any order that Altipoint decides to cancel is reimbursed.

As the fees from the payment processor (e.g. PayPal) are not reimbursed to Altipoint in case of an order cancellation, the amount that is reimbursed to the customer depends on the situation:

  • if Altipoint decides unilaterally to cancel an order (point 13.2 above), the payed amount is wholy reimbursed.
    As exception to this rule, in case orders would be placed in excessive quantities with a likely intent of paralyzing operations, Altipoint reserves the right not to refund the transaction fees that were charged by the payment processor.
  • in all other cases of a refund, the amount reimbursed is the amount paid less the non-refundable fees that were charged by the payment processor.

14. Partnerships with third parties

This website contains hard disk test reports that are generated by Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL.

Altipoint is acting as an independant partner of « H.D.S. Hungary », the software publisher of Hard Disk Sentinel, by participation to its affiliate program provided by MyCommerce.

This website provides links to the product page of Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL software hosted at MyCommerce, from where you can buy the software.
In this context, « H.D.S. Hungary » is the publisher and the seller of the software product, and the payment process is administered by MyCommerce.

15. Privacy policy

We attach great value to your privacy. Consequently is Drive-for-Parts.com a very unconventional website in nowadays world.

15.1 No analytics

This website doesn't use any analytics like Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, Yandex Metrica or else.

To be truly transparent with you, our web hosting company (o2switch.fr) uses the cPanel adinistration panel, which allows to see server logs and includes AWStats, a tool showing very basic analytics based on server logs.

15.2 Technical cookies

The website uses only the following technical cookies :

  • currency: a site-wide permanent cookie that remembers the prefered currency
  • shipping_zone: a site-wide permanent cookie that remembers the prefered shipping zone
  • a few session cookies used for technical purposes (no marketing use)

You can check the cookies that our site uses by hitting the "F12" key on your keyboard. In the console of your browser's devevelopment tools, then type "document.cookies" to list all cookies used by the current webpage.

15.3 No ressource loaded from third parties

To ensure your privacy, all ressources are hosted locally.
Therefore, this website does not make use of content delivery netwoks (like Amazon Web Services, or Google Fonts): all fonts, all images are stored locally on our web hosting.

15.4 No data in the cloud

We are not storing the data from your clients in the cloud.

15.5 Sharing data with third-parties limited to the minimum

We do not share you data with third-parties, apart from those directly involved with your order, like PayPal or banks for the payment, and postal services like Swiss Post for the shipment. They respective privacy policy do apply. We also may have to share data with customs in order to ensure a successful delivery.

For international shipments, Swiss Post is asking the email and phone number of the recipient. We have to share them with it, to our regret.

15.6 Acceptance of the privacy policy

By accepting these terms, you are confirming that you accept that the necessary data for a successful delivery of the order will be shared with third-parties like Swiss Post.

16. Partial invalidity

Should individual terms of these General term and conditions be invalid or void, the validity of the other terms continue to apply their effects.

17. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All legal relations between Altipoint and the client are subject to Swiss law.
The place of jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland.

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