• Updated shipping costs to Swiss Post's new pricing model.


  • CHF, EUR and USD are at currently at parity (within less than one percent).
    This uncommon situation makes that we could set the exchange rate to 1.00, to both EUR and USD.
    Consequently, although our payment widget is still doing currency conversion, prices are currently the same in CHF, EUR and USD.


  • Time before shipment displayed on product pages:
    • today
    • within 24 hours
    • within 48 hours

    The shipping time is calculated on the basis of different factors:

    • the hour – in Switzerland – to which you access the page. (Think to hit the F5 key in your browser to refresh the page in your browser if you visit it again.)
    • the storage location
    • wether the storage device is new, has been wiped (erased) or need to be
    • if he hard drive if has to be wiped, its capacity

N.B.: Do not confuse shipping time with delivery time, the later also depends on the duration of transport and customs clearance.


  • Model disambiguation for WD hard drives : other available models sharing the same model prefix are listed as "Variants" and are linked from both model and product pages. This allows finding all available variants even in the case of a search by partial model name.

    Example: a search on "WD5000AAKS", will lead to the WD5000AAKS-°°Z1A° model, but other variants are linked from there: WD5000AAKS-°°A7B°, WD5000AAKS-°°V0A°, WD5000AAKS-°°TMA°, WD5000AAKS-°°D2B°, WD5000AAKS-°°V1A°, WD5000AAKS-°°YGA°.

  • A « Compare donors » button was added to the product pages, allowing to jump directly to the gallery of siblings.

    Symetrically, a « Back to top » button was added to allow coming back to the top of the page.

  • "Models" tabs: the active tab is now thus of the brand of the current model or product.
  • "News" page added. (This page.)
  • More hard drives added. The web site list 1'091 donors drives, belonging to 454 models.
  • WD families: more families added and code improvements.
  • Several small corrections: some bug fixes and other improvements.


  • Enhancements to the multi-currency payment widget: automatic (pre-)selection of shipping region based on selected currency, local cookies remembering favourite currency and region for shipment, from one page of the site to another.
  • Page speed improvements.


  • Search improvements for Western Digital hard drives, which can be searched by exact model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS-00A7B0), simplified model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS-A7B) or partial model name (e.g. WD5000AAKS).
  • The website displays the hard drive family (if known) and links to pages from other models belonging to the same family. Currently, this feature is available for most Western Digital hard drives, and some Seagate hard drives.
  • Tab navigation added to browse models by brand.
  • On the model pages, product availability is now displayed. This allows us to enrich our catalog while being transparent with our customers about the availability in our own stock.
  • Several graphic improvements to the pages of unique donor drives.
  • More hard drives added. The web site lists 869 donors drive, belonging to 406 models.
  • Terms and conditions, 2st edition, with minor changes at section 14.2.


  • Multi-currency PayPal payment widget developed especially for the site:
    • Customers can directly use their PayPal balance in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, PLN or CHF to buy our products without having to suffer the exchange rate spread.
    • Shipping costs based on three shipping regions: Switzerland, Europe, and World. All shipments includes tracking, insurance and signature on delivery.
  • Payment by bank transfer possible in EUR, USD and CHF. Please contact us if you want to buy and pay by bank transfer.


2020 - November

  • Addition of a product gallery to the bottom of product pages, making possible to compare siblings (if any) directly from each product page. When many donors are present, the gallery is paginated.
  • Hard drive families displayed when browsing from the product tree (on home page), making easier to find a compatible model.
  • Currency converter added, that let estimate the price of a product in several currencies. (Replaced by the multi-currency PayPal payment widget. See news from 2021-12-13.)
  • Shipping mode and destination widgets. (Replaced by the multi-currency PayPal payment widget. See news from 2021-12-13.)


  • 260 SATA hard drives published.
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