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2.5 SATA  /  Samsung & Seagate HN  /  HM series  /   ST1000LM024

ST1000LM024 Samsung 2.5'' hard drives

M8 & M8E family

P/NPart NumberBarcodeFirmwareCountryPCB & rev.Condition
HDD condition
HN-M101MBB E1343-G84A-BC8KM n/a 2AR10002 China BF41-00354B Rev. 01~ 11 days77.00 CHFD114
in stock
HN-M101MBB E1342-G84A-A6HYP n/a 2AR20002 China n/a~ 1 days75.00 CHFD1628 in stock
HN-M101MBB/A n/a n/a 2AR20008 China n/a~ 258 days72.00 CHFD1847
in stock
HN-M101MBB/A n/a n/a 2AR20008 China n/a~ 184 days72.00 CHFD1848
in stock
HN-M101MBB/AC2 G2633-G941-EKGUT n/a 2BA30001 China 100720903-04~ 40 days87.00 CHFD1337
in stock
HN-M101MBB/AC2 F1842-G94A-BANJZ n/a 2BA30001 China n/a~ 400 days65.00 CHFD1845
in stock
HN-M101MBB/ACE C7872-G14A-AH4KZ n/a 2AR10001 China n/a~ 601 days69.00 CHFV0060 upon request
HN-M101MBB/AS2 E7123-G94A-BQXKL n/a 2BA30001 China n/a~ 191 days65.00 CHFD1381
in stock
HN-M101MBB/AS2 F5202-G941-A0EZM n/a 2BA30001 China n/aUsed69.00 CHFV0058 upon request
HN-M101MBB/AVN C7883-G14A-A0ITU n/a 2AR10001 China BF41-00354A-00~ 15 days9.90 CHFD977
in stock
HN-M101MBB/EX2 E7123-G94A-E6D0Z n/a n/a China n/aUsed69.00 CHFV0059 upon request
HN-M101MBB/LC2 G2622-G941-A8ZTN n/a 2BA30001 China n/aUsed69.00 CHFV0061
upon request
HN-M101MBB/LCP C7762-G14A-A0BHP n/a 2AR10001 China n/a~ 437 days65.00 CHFD1936
in stock
HN-M101MBB/LCP C7762-G14A-ANITP n/a 2AR10001 China BF41-00354A-00 Rev. 03Used9.90 CHFD729
in stock
HN-M101MBB/M C7882-G14A-CB6PQ n/a 2AR10002 China n/a~ 210 days65.00 CHFD1846
in stock
HN-M101MBB/M1 E5653-G14A-BZ2NU n/a 2AR20002 China n/a~ 434 days65.00 CHFD1937
in stock
HN-M101MBB/M2 E7083-G94A-G9NKT n/a 2BA30001 China n/a~ 421 days85.00 CHFD2037
in stock