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3.5 SATA  /  Samsung  /   HD501LJ

HD501LJ Samsung 3.5'' hard drives

T166 family
Other T166 models: HD321KJHD320KJ

P/NPart NumberBarcodeFirmwareCountryPCB & rev.Condition
HDD condition
400611CP709918 400611CP709918 SAHD501 CR100-10 Korea BF41-00133A Rev. 06~ 53 days29.00 CHFD1757
in stock
HD501LJ 401411FP323521 T166S CR100-10 Korea BF41-00133A~ 759 days29.00 CHFD1635
in stock
HD501LJ 401412DP819803 T166S CR100-11 Korea BF41-00133A Rev. 06~ 342 days35.00 CHFD171
in stock
HD501LJ 401414CQ200505 T166S CR100-12 Korea BF41-00133A Rev. 06~ 374 days25.00 CHFD948
in stock