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Donor hard drives and PCBs that are easy to search.

Seeking a hard drive for data recovery purposes? — You're at the right address!

Why Drive for Parts ?

1. Affordable prices

✅  759 hard drives from 13 CHF to 333 CHF
✅ 23 circuit boards from 13 CHF to 33 CHF
coming from 487 different hard drive models

2. Quick search & Extended search service

Could not find the perfect donor by entering its model name in above search field?

Thanks to our partners network, we can search amongst some 10 thousand drives.

Just drop us a line

We will be happy to help.

3. Visual indication of HDD condition

We created this scale of colored icons that let you instantly know in which condition a hard drive is :

  • Hard drives with blue / green icons are in excellent condition.
  • Hard drives with orange / red icons are defective ones, but can still serve for some parts.
  • Hard drives with the "almostOK" icon (or light green circle) are still excellent donors for all parts, but cannot be used for purposes others than data recovery. Such drives typically have a tiny percentage of bad sectors or other minor problem, like higher than usual "spin retry" count.
Compact iconStandard iconHard disk drive condition
11/1111/11Brand new HDD in its sealed packaging
10/1110/11HDD with a maximum of 3 days use
9/119/11Used HDD certified in perfect condition (full surface checked)
8/118/11Used HDD with S.M.A.R.T. values 100% OK
7/117/11Working HDD with S.M.A.R.T. warnings (Expect some bad sectors)
6/116/11HDD can initialize, but has serious problems (e.g. one dead head)
5/115/11HDD cannot initialize and spins quietly
4/114/11HDD cannot initialize, spins but clicks
3/113/11HDD spins with scratching noise
2/112/11HDD without circuit, for other parts
1/111/11Only Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is for sale

4. Easy comparison of available donors

If several donors are available for a given hard drive model, a table shows the most relevant parameters, so that you can identify which donor will best match your patient drive.

Part numberS/NSiteDate codeDate
FirmwareHDD condition PriceRef.Details
9HV14C-0375VG4RT41WU 10392 D005SDM169.00 $D507 See
9HV14C-0375VG7XFF2WU 11085 D005SDM169.00 $D508 See
9PSG4C-0325VG0KQT5WU 10073 0002SDM149.00 $D542 See
9PSG4C-0325VG1DDWAWU 10157 0003SDM149.00 $D543 See

5. Embeded donor matching guide

Tired of scrutinizing HDD parameters? — Seek a donor with more comfort.

For each brand, important parameters for heads swap are highlighted.
Our donor matching guide is directly embedded into product pages.

Main informations
Date:24 JAN 2013
Product of:Malaysia
Condition: 8
Donor matching guide
Essential. Match this firstly.
Important and fast always necessary. Match this secondly.
Optional. Try matching this to further increase the chance of compatibility.
Usually not a factor, but better if matching. For dates, the closer the better.

6. Brand-specific informations

The hard drive database and pages were designed from scratch,
taking into account brand-specific details like Western Digital's micro jogs:

HeadPreamp parametersMicro Jogs

N.B. Details like Micro jogs are displayed when available.

7. PCB & Firmware informations

For every hard drive, available informations about its printed circuit board and firmwares are displayed.

Printed circuit board
PCB revision:A
Sticker, 1st block
Sticker, 2nd block
Sticker, 3rd block
Sticker, 4th block
Format version:0x0002
Controller firmware version:0x0002
Servo firmware version:TP.46
Overlay firmware version:03.6HB
Read channel firmware version:G.00105A

Upon request, we can provide additional informations like MCU and VCM controllers.

8. Zoomable pictures

On product pages, you can zoom product pictures by hovering them.
You can pan zoomed pictures simply by moving the mouse cursor.

On product pages, hover the pictures of the hard drive with the mouse cursor to see them in full resolution.

When a picture of the back face is available, you can see it by clicking the "Show printed circuit board" icon.

On product pages, hover the pictures of the hard drive with the mouse cursor to see them in full resolution.

9. Detailed reports from HD Sentinel

For many hard drives, test reports from HD Sentinel are displayed at the bottom of the product page.

10. No registration required

No registration is asked for buying from our site.

If you have a PayPal account, you can buy directly.

If you have a credit card, you can pay through PayPal (even without a PayPal account).

If you want to pay by bank transfer or webmoney, simply contact us.

Learn more about payment methods

11. Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide. Every hard drive is packed very carefully and all necessary documents for custom clearance are provided (Invoice, Proof of payment, and ususally a Packing slip).

Shipping service providers

We usually ship with the Swiss Post, with which there are three types of shipping modes:

  • Economy
  • Priority
  • Registered.

Economy and Priority shipping modes don't come with any tracking nor signature on delivery.
Threre is no transport insurance. Both shipping modes at your own risk. There should be ok if you live in a country where the postal service is reliable and if the item value is small (e.g. PCB board). If the parcel is late, both economy and priority shipping can be quite stressful because without tracking you don't have any idea where the letter or parcel is located and there won't be any customer service from the post.

Registered shipping shipping has same delivery time as priority shipping, but comes with tracking, signature on delivery and transport insurance up to 150  CHF (around 150 USD). It is especially recommended when shipping hard drives outside of Europe or to a P.O. Box service.

Shipping with the Swiss Post from 2.50 USD

We can also ship with FedEx.
You can access our shipping costs with FedEx this by clicking on the appropriate buttton below.

FedEx Prio Enveloppe 500 g

suitable for PCBs and thin HDDs

FedEx Prio Pak 500 g

suitable for thick 2.5'' HDDs

FedEx Prio Pak 1 Kg

suitable for 3.5'' HDDs

Payment methods

PayPal is currently the default payment method.

We accept the following currencies:

CHFSwiss franc
CADCanadian dollar
CZKCzech koruna
DKKDanish krone
GBPBritish pound
JPYJapanese yen
NOKNorwegian krone
NZDNew Zealand dollar
PLNPolish złoty
RUBRussian ruble
SEKSwedish krona
USDUnited States dollar
… and a few ones more.

If you want to pay in another currency than the Swiss franc,

Please contact us

Bank transfer

Would you like buying by bank transfer? — No problem.

Drop us a line

and tell us the SKU identifier (e.g. D507) of the hard drive you want to buy.
In order to avoid any risk of error, please also tell us the serial number if any.

Banking for European customers

If you are in Europe, we would suggest that you

Open a free CurrencyFair account

This currency conversion platform helps avoiding "hidden costs" that traditional banks can charge on international transfers.

After your CurrencyFair account has been verified, the steps are :

Send inTransfer money to CurrencyFair in the same currency as the one of your bank account. When planning the "Send in" in CurrencyFair, you can disable automatic currency conversion if you want to benefit from better rates that the marketplace has to offer..
ExchangeOnce the money arrived to your CurrencyFair account, you can convert it using the peer-to-peer marketplace. Place an order with the exchange rate you expect. If the market cross your rate, the conversion will be automatic.
Transfer outTransfer the amount to our bank (ask us for details). CurrencyFair will normally charges 2.40 £ (around 3 $) during the "Transfer Out" step in case of an international payment.

Want to pay us in WMR ?

Please contact us