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2.5 SATA  /  Toshiba  /  MQ series  /   MQ03ABB300

MQ03ABB300, P/N HDKFB06AZA01, Toshiba 3TB 2.5'' SATA hard drive

Unique references
Serial number: 67IVP0FZT
Physical specifications
Thickness:15 mm
Weight:166 g

Head stack swap

Main informations
Hard drive code:HDKFB06AZA01
Date:18 6 2017
Product of:Philippines
Condition: 8
Donor matching guide
Essential. Match this firstly.
Important and fast always necessary. Match this secondly.
Optional. Try matching this to further increase the chance of compatibility.
Usually not a factor, but better if matching. For dates, the closer the better.

PCB & Firmware

Printed circuit board
PCB sticker:11A0

Test report

This report is not contractual and is provided for information purposes only.
It reflects the general condition of the disc at the time of the last check.

We guarantee that at the time of shipment, the disc will be in a condition close to that provided by the report, especially as regards the state of the disk as indicated by the S.M.A.R.T. indicators. The power on time and number of operational cycles may however differ.


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