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2.5 SATA  /  Toshiba  /  MQ series  /   MQ01ABF050

MQ01ABF050, P/N HDKCB06H0A01 , Toshiba 500GB 2.5'' SATA hard drive

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Short description

Unique references
S/N: 24I8SML5S
Condition and comments
8 View test report
Operating time:98 days and 22 hours
Physical specifications
Thickness:7 mm
Weight:85 g

Head stack swap

Main informations
Hard drive code:HDKCB06H0A01
Date:18 2 2014
Product of:China

PCB & Firmware

Printed circuit board
PCB:G003235C rev. n/a
PCB sticker10D0
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Product price : 35.–  CHF

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Thumbnail of Toshiba MQ01ABF050 HDKCB06H0A01 S AA00 AM002C SKU_D1701.webp for sale. Click to access the details of this unique donor drive.
In use ~ 98 days
HDD codeHDKCB06H0A01
Made inChina
Ref. D170135.00 CHF

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