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Emtec Emtec flash drive'' flash drives

ModelController brandController modelFirmwareNAND brandNAND modelCondition
HDD condition
EmtecPhisonPS2251-50(PS2250)03.01.30 [2010-10-26] HynixH27UBG8T2ATR?45.00 CHFF315
in stock
EmtecUSBestUT165 A1BBM0790 MicronMT29F32G08CBABA?45.00 CHFF316
in stock
EmtecPhisonPS2251-33(PS2233)07.06.10 [2009-11-11] ToshibaTC58NVG5D2FTA00?45.00 CHFF317
in stock
EmtecPhisonPS2251-68(PS2268)01.A.34 [2016-05-16] ToshibaToshiba 98DE88A3?45.00 CHFF318
in stock
EmtecPhisonPS2251-67(PS2267)06.10.10 [2013-08-05] ToshibaTC58NVG5D2FTA00?45.00 CHFF319
in stock