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About us

Drive for Parts is a supplier of hard disk drives for data recovery labs.
We are at 1 km from Geneva airport in Switzerland and ship worldwide.

This site lists hundreds of hard drives and circuit boards that you can easily purchase online with PayPal or credit card. We also accept bank transfers.

We attach particular importance to comfort of use and easy comparison of brand specific parameters. This site is optimized accordingly.

If you need a data recovery, you can visit our sister site

How to search a donor drive

1. Looking for a hard drive model

  • Enter the hard drive model in the search bar (which converts your input to uppercase automatically).
  • Append the hard drive model in upercase in the browser address bar.
  • Navigate using the tree : clicking labels of children categories will refine your search.
  • Click the "Models" tab to browse by brand and available models sorted alphabetically.

2. Instantly see hard drive conditions

  • For every unique hard drive listed, a small icon describes its condition.
  • Refer to the legend in the right column and click the "Learn more …" button if necessary.

3. Displaying the image of a hard drive

  • To display an image of any hard drive, put the mouse cursor over the preview icon  for this drive.

4. Displaying the image of the circuit board

  • When the preview PCB icon is available for a drive, just hover it with your mouse cursor and the image of the circuit board will show.

5. Displaying detailed information about a hard drive

  • Detailed information can be displayed for any hard drive by toggling the HDD details button .
  • When at least one HDD details button is toggled on, the preview icons and preview pcb icons will hide ; just toggle off all HDD details buttons or click one category in the tree to reset the right pane to its original state and make the preview and preview pcb icons show again.

6. Comparing hard drive details

  • You can toggle not only one but several HDD details buttons , so that you can compare drives and find the most suitable one.
  • If necessary, an elevator will appear to let you scroll amongst the hard drives.
  • You can hide the detailed information about a drive by toggling off its HDD details button.

Hard disk drive conditions

11/1111/11Brand new HDD in its sealed packaging
10/1110/11HDD with a maximum of 3 days use
9/119/11Used HDD certified in perfect condition
8/118/11Used HDD with S.M.A.R.T. values 100% OK
7/117/11Working HDD with S.M.A.R.T. warnings
6/116/11HDD can initialize, but has serious problems
5/115/11HDD cannot initialize and spins quietly
4/114/11HDD cannot initialize, spins but clicks
3/113/11HDD spins with scratching noise
2/112/11HDD without circuit, for other parts
1/111/11Only Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is for sale
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Shipping costs (priority)

USDfor any circuit board (letter without tracking)
USDfor any circuit board with tracking + signature on delivery
19 USDfor any 2.5'' drive with tracking + signature on delivery
39 USDfor any 3.5'' drive, with tracking + signature on delivery
European customers,
please contact us before purchasing (smaller shipping costs)
12 USDfor any 2.5'' drive
18 USDfor any 2.5'' drive with tracking + signature on delivery
21 USDfor any 3.5'' drive with tracking
27 USDfor any 3.5'' drive, with tracking + signature on delivery
USDfor any 2.5'' drive
15 USDfor any 3.5'' drive with tracking + signature on delivery
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